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Four dope bottles to pair with all things savory

  • Graziano Lambrusco: Not your average sparkling red. It smells of dark luscious fruits but is deeply savory and structural on the palate. Dark Turkey meat and stuffing all the way! Serve cold.
  • Camille Giroud Au Cretot: The bright acidity in this Pinot Noir is exactly what your pile of buttery mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce is looking for. 
  • Dutraive Beaujolais: Gamay is forever the perfect Thanksgiving red and this producer is one of the best in Beaujolais. Delicious with white turkey meat and roasted squash.
  • Bobinet Les Landes: For those in the mood for something fuller bodied, we have you covered too. Classic Cab Franc with elegant dark fruits and a bit of spice on the finish will be the mic drop of any Thanksgiving dinner. 

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