Large Party

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Time to rage! Just kidding, sort of... in all seriousness this is so much fun for a group of 20-30 friends or peers. You provide the space & we will bring wine glasses, several bottles of 6 different wines & informational materials. The flow is very mellow, we pour the first wine as guests arrive & mingle, then the formal class begins, running roughly 45 minutes depending on class engagement. We bring enough bottles so there is wine leftover afterwards for guests to revisit. 

Pro-tip: We can also bring food! Cheese & Charcuterie, Lasagna, Pizza al Taglio, or Chopped Salads.

Instructional levels include:

  • Level 01: Class w/ a Helen's Sommelier and entry-level, fun and festive wines
  • Level 02: Class w/ a Helen's Sommelier and complex, higher-priced bottles
  • Or Class w/ Helen (killer wine at all levels!)

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