The History of Champagne

Champs for my real friends Baby!!! I am obsessed with Champagne. My whole team is! It's so good and worth the splurge, and so I am here to tell you on this episode that it's a New year, and maybe a new you, but there are still the same old delicious bottles of bubbly! Champagne is a part of the cultural zeitgeist but it hasn’t always been that way. So how did we go from friars transporting bottles of wine on horse drawn carts to shaking up thousand-dollar bottles of champagne in nightclubs? Let’s talk about it before New Year's Eve so when you head to the store to grab your sparkling wine, you know exactly what to get! 

Grower-producer champagne recommendations: 

Grower-producer champagne refers to a person growing the grapes and then making the champagne from those grapes, a practice that used to be very uncommon in the region. Here are some of my favorite producers, some are linked to wines we carry! Any wines from these producers you can find will be amazing:

George Laval

Laherte Freres




Cocktail Corner
Air Mail 
1oz light rum
.5oz lime juice
.5oz honey syrup
Topped w champagne
Lime for garnish

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