Our Story


Helen's opened with Jon & Vinny's in 2015. Inside you will find a focus on naturally-driven and organically farmed labels, small production vineyards, wine makers with integrity, lower intervention elevage & dynamic thoughtful wines. The shop is a curation of allocated items, limited releases, favorite gems & new finds in a constant rotation.

Jon & Vinny's with Helen's is a celebration of food, wine & partnership that is rooted in a long friendship. With the wine shop, the goal was to create an experiential, curated environment, where people could find high quality, well-made wines at every price point. Wine should enhance life & be made with a certain level of purity. I wanted people to feel welcomed and have the ability to learn about what they are consuming in an understandable and fun way. Follow the dope palate and then wine will be irresistible!


Helen was born in New York City. She started working in the restaurant industry while in college in Madison, WI. Her involvement at L’Etoile and the fine dining and farm-to-table driven experience inspired her to continue growing in the food and wine industry. She moved to Los Angeles and worked at Craft as a manager for two years before signing on with Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo in July of 2009. She is now a partner at Jon & Vinny’s in Los Angeles, and the owner of Helen’s, the gem box retail wine shop nestled in the back. Helen is the Beverage Director for not only Jon & Vinny’s, but for all associated restaurants in the group: animal and Son of a Gun. She also hosts wine classes and has a curated wine club, and was recently titled Best New Sommelier by Food & Wine in 2016.