Wine Glasses: the Who, the Why, the What Do I Do?


Is it important to drink specific wines out of certain glasses? Are champagne flutes a myth? When did humans start drinking out of glass? Are there really rules...all of these mysteries and more will be revealed!! A nice bottle of wine does deserve a nice glass... but not all glasses are created equal, or cost the same, or feel the same. Let’s look back at the OG days of wine glasses — I’m talking metal goblets and the earliest days of glass blowing. But then, we’ll zoom forward and discuss the latest wine-drinking vessel trends from the casual table to super swanky.

Wine glass recommendations

The crème de la crème is the Zalto wine glass brand — this is what I like to drink out of at home but they are extremely thin and breakable so… maybe don’t get attached!

Other brands I love:


Vintage sets!! I look for mine at thrift stores and use them for parties because if they break it's all good!

I love the glasses we use at Jon & Vinny's! You can purchase a set of 6 through our website!

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